Knw Urself and Knw Life.................

"Try to believe the best of Everyone, Trust me you will never hate anyone"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Don't take life too seriously,
Always find time to Laugh!!
Laughter not only adds years to your life,
but adds more life to your years!!

That's the message i follow.. Its nothing like people does not have problems and issues in the life ... everyone does .. but to byepass them and be happy is something needs to be achieved.. Being Happy and remain happy in all the situations is not an easy task .. People do not buy sorrows or worries but smiles .. If we keep smiling always people will come to us and we will find our worries are getting lighter and lighter and lighter ......... Remember the Movies"JAB WE MET" and remember the character of Geet in that ...... she was actually living the life to the fullest by being happy...

And moreover smiling face looks much better than a sad face .........

So be with "Knw urself and knw life" and keep smiling

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